February 14th, 2008

Light on a road (детство)
  • lidi

76 multifandom Valentine day's icons

76 animated icons celebrating Valentine's day.

Here are the fandoms and people that you'll see on these icons (some of them will be represented with just 1 icon, and some with 5-6 icons):
Supernatural, Stargate: Atlantis, Heroes, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, CSI:NY, Prison Break, Constantine, Veronica Mars, House MD, Over the hedge, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, The Office, Mika, Grey's anatomy, Beauty and the beast, Lost, QAF, Buffy, Battlestar galactica, Xena, CSI, Sex and the city, Scrubs, Firefly, Ice Age, Torchwood.
Yes, it's a long and boring list. But I hope you'll like icons anyway :)
Oh, and it's image heavy, of course. But full of looooooove! :))


{all of them}