June 25th, 2008

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[01-10] Ariel
[11-20] War Stories
[21-30] Trash
[31-40] The Message
[41-50] Heart of Gold
[51-60] Objects in Space


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Completely snerch-able, although credit/comments are joyful!
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ENG - Chicha... unimpressed by Fritters

27 Louise Brooks Icons

As the subject says, 27 Louise Brooks icons, taken from the screencaps I've posted over at cap_it. All of the images are from the documentary Louise Brooks - Looking for Lulu, which was silly of me, really, because I've got so many pictures of Louise Brooks on my hard drive already...

Cute little film border from minttea, and the sprockets are transparent, so they'll look good on any background ^_^

Rules: CREDIT IN KEYWORDS on your userpic page! FAQ #95 at LJ will give you all the gooshy details. Commenting is not required, but I do APPRECIATE IT WITH THE WHITE HOT INTENSITY OF A 1000 SUNS. So could ya? Seriously?

Previews: 8. 14. 25.

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