August 29th, 2008

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Hello to everyone!!! As you can see, I already changed my layout , my header (I love it so much, above all for the photo *__* ) and also my profile. The layout is very cute and credit goes to refused , but I have also to thank ery_90 for telling me about this layout. However today I'm very sad, because of the MidnightSun's news, I can't believe that Steph won't write it ç.ç ...sigh...
but coming back to graphic, I post my old header:

you can use it, but credit me, please

and now some icons and headers, so here they are:

[01-08] Emma Watson
[09-12] Hayden Christensen
[13-30] Twilight
[header] Twilight
[header] Will&Elizabeth (POTC)


- if you use, credit me!
- don't claim as your ^^
- enjoy!!

the rest HERE @ kiarina88