September 19th, 2008

A-TLA - Sokka  added a rainbow by gabenu

23 Icons...

Here are icons with animals, Osaka from Azumanga Daioh, Harry Potter, a Wargames quote, Avatar: The Last Airbender, quotes from the comic strip "Basic Instructions" and the generic random stuff you expect from me.

Rules to use these: PLEASE credit me,fritters, in keywords on your userpic page! The only exceptions to this rule are #'s 6, 17, and 23, because I left them pretty much as I found them. Commenting is not required, but it makes me more likely to make the sort of icons you prefer, hmm?

Previews: 4. 8. 12.

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Credit goes to prerogativ2315 for the last two Harry Potter icons, ganked from her trailer screencaps, and to Iroh.Org who has so many beautiful and helpful Avatar screencaps that I had to make some icons.

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