December 17th, 2008

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Hi guys! Here in Italy it's night and I'm so sleepy, but before the bed I want to post some graphics!!! ^^
There are some icons from the scans of the Twilight Companion Book *__* and also a graphic battle against the fantastic enemy_walks_in (you can find her graphic also here), the theme was our favorites MOVIES!!!

hope you like them!!! ;)

[01-30] Twilight (Companion Book)
[battle] between me and enemy_walks_in about MOVIES:
#1 Romeo+Juliet
#2 Daredevil
#3 Stardust
#4 Stardust
#5 Elizabethtown
#6 Alex&Emma
#7 Mamma Mia!
#8 Electra
#9 Twilight
#10 13 going to 30


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