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Quality Icons

All Readable Text - All Viewable Pictures

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Quality Icons - Visible Pictures and Readable Text
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Icons with readable text and understandable pictures.
We're an icon community based on the idea that icons should be understandable. The point of an icon is to communicate something, and if it's communicating poorly, it's not a good icon. You wouldn't stand in front of a crowd reading your new play and mumble, would you? We believe if there are so many filters and brushes that you can't make out the picture, it's not a good icon. We believe that tiny text is a visually uncomfortable element, because it's in our brain's nature to try and understand it. Any icons that don't pass these criterion, don't get in.

Join the community and put it on your friends page if you want to see icons that have all the text readable and the pictures clearly visible.

Submit icons to the community if you want to show off your icons to people who really appreciate quality icons and understand there's more to a good icon than following prevailing trends. Or submit just to prove that your icons are some of the few that we consider to be quality!

When submitting, please submit icon sets or links to individual posts in your journal/icon journal. If you link to your entire journal/icon journal, it requires us to go through every single icon you've ever posted in it and not only increases our work x10, but decreases your odds of that post being accepted.

DO NOT SUBMIT icons that other people made. This community is not a stolen icon community and unless for some bizarre reason you can prove the person who made the icons you're submitting gave permission for reposting, you will be banned from the community.

AT THE MOMENT requests are allowed, but if it gets out of hand that can change.

Any questions, comments or problems with other members can be emailed to Fritters at hey_fritters(at)hotmail.com

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